Grutas da Moeda


Graphic Design & Illustration


In 1971, two hunters were chasing a fox who took refuge in a sink hole in the bushes. They entered in the cave and while they crossed it they realized its beauty, with galleries full of beautiful limestone formations. They discovered the Grutas da Moeda (Coin Caves).


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The Challenge

Grutas da Moeda commissioned us a strategy to leverage their number of visitors. It was decided to produce an online game for their website, a series of illustrations depicting the Cave’s Story, advertising on Rede Expressos buses, a free ticket for children, a giant puzzle, flyers, line art PDFs for coloring, a geological quiz and an advertising campaign at Nazaré beach with games for children where it was offered the ticket and the flyers were distributed. My role was to design the several pieces of work.

Illustration for Website [page 1]
Illustration for Website [page 2]
Illustration for Website [page 3]
Illustration for Website [page 4]

The Result

The result was the design and production of a series of work, as depicted in The Challenge, of which it is shown a small sample in this page.

4 downloadable illustrations for coloring [Fox designed by Cátia]
Online game with several levels [Fox designed by Cátia]



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