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Cosy, comfortable and long lasting – these are the PLUMEX shoes, made by TAMANCÃO Lda.

Located in center of Portugal, TAMANCÃO Lda. is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of comfort knitted shoes in Europe. Guided by the respect to the people and environment, PLUMEX produces quality shoes for everyone’s comfort.


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The Challenge

Plumex asked us to customize their website and to do a rebranding of their current logo.

Old logo
Rebranding - New logo

The Result

The word PLUMEX comes from PLUMA (feather, light). It was made a visit to the factory, where I learned about the production process and saw the finished products.

For the customization of their webste it was made a photo shoot session. The rebranding mantained the main image, but I gave it an uplift in terms of legibility and readability.

Photo shoot and editing

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